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    So this is what happens if you want to take a classic Ampeg bass design and replace the paint with a bunch of fancy woods. I think the result is pretty awesome, and it was definitely a fun challenge.

    The back of the body is mahogany, and has a bloodwood facing with a black pinstripe veneer on top. The bloodwood has then been inlaid with a maccassar ebony inner facing, with a maple pinstripe border. The maple neck features a morado fingerboard with maple dots and binding. The headstock keeps the vintage vibe going with the slotted tuner locations and bloodwood laminate with the black pinstripe.

    The bass features an authentic re-creation of the original transducer used in the Ampeg basses; a very unique system that relies on the pressure of a floating bridge plate to conduct the sound of the strings. This produces a signal that is much deeper with the frequency response than a normal magnetic pickup, which is also installed for more tonal options.

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