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    This is an example of a build where the client came to me with a fully realized vision; I was just along for the ride. At the time, I luckily had a connection for doing the custom machine etching in the pickguard and backplate. It's hard to say which detail draws the immediate focus of the viewer; the swarm of oval pickups or the incredibly unique body shape. Or maybe the wonderfully vivid finish, which was done with a pearlescent automotive urethane. The color of the finish moves with the light, which is why the bass appears different shades in different photos. Three Delano P pickups were split to form six independently wired mini pickups, hence the inspiration for the name of the bass. The pickguard has two three-way switches to allow for various tonal possibilities. Close examination of the backplate reveals three holes that lead to hidden trim pots that adjust the EQ.

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