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     In the world of wood, the contrast between purpleheart and yellowheart is one of the most striking duos possible. This was a situation where I did created the design to the client's approval. The first focus is the dramatic washes of contrasting colors on the facing. This was created with a double inlay technique; the solid purpleheart top was first inlaid with yellowheart, then the yellowheart was inlaid with maccassar ebony. The pattern is then replicated along the fretboard, with a double binding surrounding the ebony board. The headstock continues the theme, with a puzzle assembly of the three woods that results in the one-of-a-kind yellowheart logo inlay. The back of the bass is also capped with purpleheart, so that the flamed maple body core can only be viewed along the rounded edges. The neck laminates continue the maple and purpleheart theme, while the backplate is yellowheart. The custom Aero pickups have ebony and flamed maple covers.

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