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      This instrument definitely fits into the extreme category. It takes the concept of a doubleneck and adds a unique twist by sticking the two necks together. A guitar and bass on one neck, where the guitar scale length begins at the fifth fret of the bass. And... both are fretless. One challenge that needed to be solved was how to make the guitar fretboard side dots visible with another fretboard stuck against it. The solution was to slant the edge with inset blocks that could be viewed from the side or the top of the board. Another challenge was the location of the tuners. Having two instruments worth of tuners on the head would create a very head heavy instrument, so going headless seemed the natural solution. But the bass bridge disallowed for a normal headless guitar system to be used, so the guitar strings were extended to gearless tuners that adjust from the back, I system I've used in the past for similar situations. The stunning facing is a very spalted piece of maple burl, which is also used to cover the custom Aero pickups. I honestly can't remember why there are 5 switches, though it does have dual outputs to isolate the bass and guitar signals when desired.

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