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    This bass was a real celebration of camatillo wood. Although it's not uncommon to find the wood for sale, it is quite rare to find a piece with such beautiful coloration at this scale.

    The client designed the rather radical body shape that helps accentuate the flowing nature of the grain lines in facing. Camatillo is used for the body facing, headstock cap, the fingerboard, the pickup covers, the bridge plate, and the tailpiece. Thick veneers used in the body help show off the contours along the edges. The body core is flamed maple, while the flamed walnut back face is accented with a purpleheart veneer. The neck is a combination of wengee, flamed maple, and zebrawood.

    The gloss urethane finish on the body will help preserve the bright colors of the camatillo; an oil finish would darken the color over time.

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